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Scripture Reflections - Oct. 4
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Isaiah 5:17
Phil. 4:6-9
Mat. 21:33-43


Archives Msgr Paul E. Whitmore
Msgr. Paul E. Whitmore

How frightening and destructive recent hurricanes and tornadoes have been to the beauty and richness of Caribbean countries and our South and to the people who live there!  

Many ask to what extent are we responsible through abuse of the incredible world  that God has given us?
The Scripture readings today contain a most important lesson for the world in which we live.

In the first reading, Isaiah describes how his friend, God went to elaborate pains in constructing his vineyard, with ditches for irrigation, and a tower for protection, and a winepress for squeezing out the precious grapes with juice that would make delicious wine. 

How proud God was with the beauty and richness of the work of His hands.

How disappointed he was when the vineyard only produced wild, sour grapes.  He resolved to destroy it.

In the Gospel, Jesus also uses the image of a vineyard in which a king has lavished great care.

Here, greedy tenants resolve to keep all the fruits for themselves, even killing those whom the King had sent to collect the fruits.  They even murder the king’s son, thinking they will inherit the vineyard.

Preachers  in the time that our nation was expanding, called the American West the “garden of the gods”, and affirmed that it was the will of the Creator for us to seize these lands from the natives who lived there, and use them for our own advanced society.

They called it our “manifest destiny”.  

The often irresponsible greed that followed has brought much destruction of nature’s own system of protection and preservation.  

Pope Francis claims in  his encyclical, Laudato Si, that modern society must take better care of “God’s garden”. 
On the bright side, disasters, war, and poverty have brought much amazing help to victims from around the world.

This weekend’s readings remind us that we will be held accountable for ignoring ever greater efforts to protect and maintain the treasures God has given us for our stewardship.

God’s vineyard is for all his children.  

May we all do our part as nations and as individuals  to follow the rules of the Landlord!

October is Respect Life month.  Honoring and defending  life at all levels is all bound up with the life of our planet.

Invoking Mary’s help through her Rosary is part of the focus begging   God’s help in our great need.

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