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Scripture Reflections - November 10
32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

2ND Machabees 7: 1-2, 9-14
2 Thassalonians 2: 17—3: 5
Luke 20: 27-38

Archives Msgr Paul E. Whitmore
Msgr. Paul E. Whitmore

This Sunday’s readings are all about Resurrection: the faith needed to believe in our personal resurrection, and the courage needed in living our lives to attain it.

The first reading from the Old Testament is a shortened story about a mother and her seven sons. They courageously face martyrdom rather than violate Jewish law (in the longer version, the mother urges them not to deny their faith. One after another, the sons boldly speak to the pagan king, telling him that he will never experience resurrection from the dead for his crimes). One martyred brother declares, “The King of this world will raise us up to live with Him forever.”

In the Gospel, the Sadducees, who deny the resurrection, try to discredit Jesus’ teaching by posing a ridiculous case about seven brothers. One brother dies without leaving any children. By Jewish law, his brother must marry the widow. One after the other, the brothers die, leaving the widow to die last. “At the resurrection, whose wife will that widow be?” they ask Jesus. Jesus replies to them that at the resurrection, there will be no marrying or remarrying. The reason? Love will be experienced at a completely different level. There will no need for marriage as we know it on earth.

Coming now to the present day, how can we be sure of our own resurrection? By living according to the ten commandments and by the two great commandments of love of God and neighbor, as well as doing good to all, and forgiving those who offend us. Certainly, martyrdom is not the only way to be certain of going immediately into heaven, but more Christians have faced martyrdom in the last one hundred years than in all the ages before ours.

Living in full faith and joy of God’s promises, and courageously standing up for Jesus’ teaching is martyrdom enough for most of us and will certainly assure us of Resurrection.

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