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Let there be peace on earth



By Bishop Terry R. LaValley

Aug. 30, 2017

I often wonder why we all just can’t get along. 

Why is there so much anger, intimidation, mean-spiritedness, injustice, vulgarity, hate speech, disrespect for another human person and disregard for all human life? 

How did we get to the point where vehicles have now become the weapons of choice, joining bombs, guns, fists, and verbal missiles as evidence of a tragic failure in civility to say nothing of loving our neighbor as ourselves? 

It’s not good enough to chalk it up to the consequences of original sin and leave it at that.

As a nation and individually, serious soul-searching is needed. 

Conversion requires courageous, honest and ongoing self-reflection, examining our consciences humbly before Christ.

Until we begin treating one another decently, even respectfully, America will never be “great again.” 

For instance, let’s consider how we have been unwelcoming to the stranger, the person of a different race, or the immigrant. 

It is good for all of us to reflect on questions such as these:
• How have I participated in words or behavior that denigrate others?
• What am I not seeing in myself, ignoring about myself, that is contrary to love of neighbor, even those I do not know?
•What fears do I hold about people that are different from me?
•How do I consciously or unconsciously act on those fears?  In my choices, my beliefs, my actions, my attitudes?
•Have I asked Christ to heal me of all prejudice?
•Have I expressed sorrow and regret to those I have denigrated by thought, word or deed?
•Do I challenge political or religious leaders who foment disrespect, division, and violence rather than understanding, healing and unity?
•What kind of attitude towards people who are different from me do my children and grandchildren learn from me?

Please God, let there be peace and justice on earth and let it begin with me.

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