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Vaccine division ‘should not spill over into our pews’

By Bishop Terry R. LaValley

Aug. 11, 2021

As the coronavirus crisis continues, we see widespread divisions arising between those who are vaccinated and those who are not. That division should not spill over into our pews.

While we strongly encourage vaccinations, we need to recognize that there are a variety of reasons why individuals might choose not to be vaccinated.

Some have personal health conditions that put them at higher risk of suffering serious side effects of the vaccine. Some are allergic to it. We should respect such concerns.

We are a welcoming and supportive community of faith. When differences arise, we show patience, understanding and compassion.

Let us continue to pray for our families as we meet all the challenges in staying healthy and supporting one another in the midst of this pandemic.

St. Joseph, Patron of Families, Pray for us

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