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A painful lesson in setting aside pride

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

September 5, 2018

When I am afraid, in you I place my trust. – Psalm 56:4

I like to think of myself as strong-willed and fiercely independent. My family would say I’m stubborn.
I hate needing help.

This past week, a medical issue left me unable to lift or turn my right leg. I was prohibited from driving and told to stay off my feet. I needed help. I needed help to get up and to dress. I needed a walker or cane to get around.

On the fourth day of my recovery, my husband was at work, and my son, Jake, was my caregiver.
Around lunchtime, I had the little big man hopping.

In roughly 15 minutes, he heard, “Would you please get me my laptop,” “would you please get me my phone charger,” and “I dropped my cane. Can you get it for me?”

At this point, I’m feeling guilty and useless.

“I’m sorry I’m making you run so much, dude. Thank you so much for your help,” I said to Jake.
His response?

“No, no! It’s good! Thank you for letting me help you.”

Maybe he was just telling me what he thought I wanted to hear, but I prefer to think he takes joy in showing kindness and care to someone he loves.

There’s a tremendous grace that comes from serving others, but it’s also a blessing to be served; to be helped physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually.

For me, in addition to the blessing of having a loving family who cares for me, I’m blessed to get a little check on my pride and blessed to be reminded I’m really nothing on my own. I’m reminded I need to trust things outside my myself and my stubborn strong will. I need to trust the Lord and the people He has placed in my life.

I pray we all learn to set aside our pride and rely on the Lord and His servants.

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