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I get that from my father

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

June 19, 2019

“I’m a chip off the old blockhead.”

That’s my response when people note the similarities between me and my father.

In fact, I’m fairly confident most descriptions of me would point first to attributes I inherited or learned from my father.

“Darcy’s really tall.” That’s from dad.

“Darcy’s really outgoing and talkative.” Oh yeah. That’s dad.

“Darcy’s quick with a joke and has weird phrases she likes to use often.” Also dad (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “the lucky ones live three days like that,” after I’ve reported some illness or injury to my father).

“Darcy isn’t afraid to give you her opinion, even if you’re not going to like it.” Yup. Dad.

“Darcy has a bit of a stubborn streak, and when she gets mad, watch out!” Dad, dad, dad.

I vividly remember walking into the barn on the dairy farm my father and grandfather ran together and hearing the two of them arguing, yelling at top volume. I always thought they argued because they were so much alike, both being stubborn, outspoken and opinionated.

I don’t think anyone was shocked that my teenage and young adult years were full of loud arguments with my father. The stubborn, outspoken and opinionated gene had manifested in another generation.

Both my father and I have mellowed a bit as we’ve aged. We argue and yell a lot less, though we still enjoy a good debate and any opportunity to make a joke at the other’s expense.

My father’s been through a lot in the last couple years. Through the grace of God and outstanding medical intervention, he overcame a medical issue that was nearly catastrophic.

Celebrating Father’s Day last weekend, it seemed like a good time to reflect on how blessed I am to have a father who has taught me to grow old, but never grow up; to be serious about my obligations to my family and my work but never take myself too seriously; to strive to use my strong voice in ways that promote goodness, humor and love; and to love family, community, country and God.

Thank you to and for all the fathers, grandfathers, spiritual fathers and father figures.

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