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It keeps me accountable

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

November 11, 2020

I’d love to be the kind of person who has great self-discipline, but I’m not quite there yet.

Because of that, I thrive in settings where I have accountability. I have weekly deadlines that keep me accountable for getting my work done for this newspaper. I have submission deadlines that ensure I complete paperwork connected to my son’s services.

Without those deadlines, I’d likely succumb to my habits of procrastination.

Even in my spiritual life, accountability helps me ensure that I continue to grow and share my faith. My Cursillo small group is a big part of that accountability.

Last week, the North Country Catholic kicked off a series focusing on Cursillo. I made my Cursillo weekend a few years ago at Wadhams Hall. While the weekend helped me develop my relationship with the Lord, it’s the movement’s focus on regularly gathering in small groups after the weekend that has helped me most.

People who complete a Cursillo weekend, referred to as cursillistas, are encouraged to join or form a small group after their weekend experience. In those small groups, cursillistas pray together, and we share what we’re doing to learn about the faith (study), what we’re doing to grow our personal relationships with the Lord (piety) and how we’re sharing our faith with others (action).

I recognize that it’s important that I continue to learn about and develop my faith, but I know I also have a habit of neglecting to do so as I get wrapped up in my busy schedule of family obligations, work and other commitments.

This is where my small group helps keep me accountable.

I never want to gather with my small group and say, “I didn’t do anything to learn about the faith,” “I didn’t focus on growing my relationship with the Lord at all,” or “I didn’t share my faith with anyone this month.”

Because I know I’m going to share those aspects of my faith life with my group, I make sure I focus on them. The group’s accountability helps keep my faith life going and growing.

I’m trying to develop the self-discipline I need to complete my assignments and paperwork early, and to continuously focus on developing my faith, but until I get there, I’m grateful for the accountability. God knows I need it.

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