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The truth may challenge my ideas

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

December 9, 2020

It was two intervals of 30 seconds. During those intervals, my twin sister, Deanna, and I swabbed the inside of our cheeks with small brushes.

We’re doing zygotic DNA testing.

For those unfamiliar with that term, the test will determine if we’re identical or fraternal twins. When we were born nearly 40 years ago, twin type was largely determined by amniotic sacs. If the twins were in the same amniotic sac, they were classified as identical. If they were in different sacs, they were classified as fraternal.

When we were born, we were classified as fraternal twins.

Now, with advances in science, it is known that some twins born in separate amniotic sacs will still be identical twins. Since we discovered that fact, Deanna and I have always assumed we were part of that group. We’ve assumed we’re identical twins who had separate amniotic sacs.

When Deanna told me she had ordered the DNA test kit, my reaction wasn’t what I expected. While I’m excited (the emotion I expected) to know if we’re identical or fraternal twins, part of me is worried/anxious (the emotion I didn’t expect). I’m worried/anxious that our birth classification as fraternal twins will be confirmed, and our belief that we’re identical will be proven incorrect.

If the test comes back and says we’re fraternal twins, I know it won’t change our relationship, our ability to communicate with just looks, our ability to complete each other’s sentences… It’ll just change a label and an idea/belief.

But it’s difficult to challenge our ideas and beliefs. Sometimes, it’s difficult to accept the truth.

As I was reflecting on this surprising emotional reaction to the DNA test, I was thinking about other truths I’ve struggled to accept. I’ll admit it: there are Church teachings with which I struggle. There are teachings that I sometimes feel are at odds with my natural (sinful) tendencies and inclinations.

Even though I struggle with the teachings, I try to remind myself that the Church – and our Lord – call us and help us to be better than our natural inclinations and tendencies. We’re called to accept the truth of the Gospel and the truth of Church teachings. Even when those teachings are hard. Especially when they’re hard, in fact.

That’s harder than a 30-second cheek swab.

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