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Inspired to be North Country creative

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

April 8, 2020

It can describe it only as, “North Country creativity.”

My pastor, Father Raymond J. Moreau, had asked for assistance in livestreaming and recording the Paschal Triduum from our parish. We needed a reliable internet connection in the church to make it work.

Armed with an internet signal extender, a small electronic device, we set to work. When we got the device connected, maintaining at least six feet of separation through the process, the signal in the church wasn’t as strong as we had hoped.

“Let’s try moving it outside the garage,” Father Ray suggested.

Problem: The exterior outlet didn’t seem to have power going to it.

Father Ray to the rescue.

He grabbed an extension cord, plugged the cord in to an outlet inside the garage, plugged the device into the other end and strung the extender and cord over an overhang support outside the garage. The device was under cover and out of the elements, and the signal strength was strong enough that we could livestream from inside the church.

It wasn’t exactly advanced technology, but it got the job done quickly and affordably. It was North Country creativity.

While I found this solution a rather comical fix to a frustrating problem, I’ve seen similar examples of North Country residents following God’s call to serve one another and doing it in creative ways.

I see people using their crafting talents to create face masks for others. I’ve seen people coming up with creative ways to safely deliver needed goods to individuals in need. I’ve seen parish after parish work to offer ways for parishioners to be able to connect with their home parish during this holy season.

This has been far from an ideal Lent and Holy Week. Let’s be honest: It’s been hard. But it’s also been beautiful to see the North Country get creative to bring worship, connection and service to one another.

We’ve been through what I can only describe as an enhanced Lent. Let’s celebrate an enhanced Easter.

As we prepare to celebrate the Risen Christ, let us celebrate the fact that he continues to be with us now, inspiring us, sustaining us and nurturing us, even if it’s not in the typical ways.

I guess our Lord originated “North Country creative.”

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