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‘I like my comfort zone’

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

June 24, 2020

“But I like my comfort zone. As the name implies, it’s comfortable.”

I’ve uttered that phrase dozens of times, at least. As was the case when I used that line with a friend of mine last week, the typical response I get is, “we don’t grow when we’re comfortable.”

I was certainly uncomfortable as I gathered in an online Zoom meeting with a group of volunteers Saturday morning to prepare for an event associated with the first online version of Alpha held by St. Peter’s Parish in Massena.

Alpha is a course intended to introduce the “unchurched,” those who are not practicing a faith, to the basic principles of faith and Christianity. Typically, Alpha participants and hosts gather for a meal, a presentation and small-group discussion. While it looks very different online, it’s worked well so far. It’s allowed people who might not be comfortable participating in person to participate in a way they might be more comfortable. It’s allowed people who live farther away to participate.

While I recognize it had been going well, I was largely unprepared for the Saturday event. I had missed the training/planning discussion due to a schedule conflict. I was unsure how a few portions of the event were going to go. The partner volunteer I was working with and I were feverishly sending texts back and forth during the meeting, both of us slightly confused and panicked.

Yet when the event began, everything came together. Where we were worried about which discussion questions we were supposed to be using, the discussion came almost organically in our group, barely needing questions to drive it. The people in the group shared, connected and prayed together.

The Holy Spirit was definitely there guiding the leaders and guiding the group. In my experience, the Spirit moves us most when we’re uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Did I grow from this experience? Maybe. It was yet another reminder that God can do beautiful things when we surrender to Him and allow Him to work through us.

Yet I’m sure I’ll slip back into my comfort zone and need to learn this lesson again and again.

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