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I’m thankful for ‘the now’

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

September 30, 2020

“I love seeing the trees changing colors along the beautiful St. Lawrence River on my ride in to work, but I don’t love what comes after those leaves drop,” I wrote to one of the NCC’s contributors in an email.

“Enjoy the now,” the contributor responded.

It was good advice.

I tend to spend a lot of my time and energy thinking about what might come next in my life, whether it be the seasons/weather or developments in my personal or professional life. Add to that my propensity for preparing myself for the worst-case scenario, and I spend a whole lot of time dwelling on a future that I don’t paint as very bright.

It’s not a very positive way to live, and it causes me to miss a lot of beautiful moments and gifts.

That simple phrase, “enjoy the now,” made me reflect on those tendencies this week.

Yes, winter will be here sooner than I’d like, but right now, we have a rainbow of colors to enjoy right outside our windows. Right now, we have beautiful warm days and cool nights. Right now, I’m healthy enough to get out of bed every morning and spend time with a family I love, go to a job I love and enjoy activities I love.

Right now, I’m sitting in my humble, but warm and safe home, doing something I’ve always loved (writing) and hearing my wind chimes singing in the breeze.

Right now is pretty amazing!

Maybe it’s human nature, or maybe it’s because I’m still relatively young, but I often seem to forget that there’s no guarantee I’ll see tomorrow. I plan for it, but it’s not promised to me. My plans are not always God’s plans.

So, I’m trying this week (and hopefully into the future) to “enjoy the now.” I’m trying to be more grateful to God for the gifts I’ve been given in that now. And I’m thankful to the contributor who gave me that reminder.

I pray we can all be thankful for the now together.

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