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It melts a hardened heart

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

January 27, 2021

He melts my hardened heart.

Last week was not the best week for my 13-year-old son, Jake. While he had a couple different problems, the big one was a broken bone in his ankle.

After a trip to the Emergency Room and a visit to an orthopedic specialist, we learned his ankle was too swollen to cast, and he was ordered to spend a week in bed with his leg elevated. The specialist told him the only time his leg should be down was to use the restroom.

I expected we’d have a rough week. I kept thinking about how much I struggled emotionally and mentally when my hip injury relegated me to bed for an extended period. I expected he’d experience some of the same.

In typical Jake fashion, he exceeded my expectations.

While he struggled with pain a few times in the early days, he was pleasant, joyful and as funny as ever. He focused on the positives of the situation (he may have uttered the phrase, “Ha! I don’t have to wash dishes again for at least six weeks”).

But what melted my hardened heart was his gratitude.

“You guys are doing so much for me,” Jake told me as I brought him a beverage and batteries for a video game controller. “Thank you so much! I know it’s a lot of work. You guys are awesome!”

My husband and I didn’t need Jake’s gratitude. We would happily help him and serve him through his recovery time with or without it. But it melted my heart that he recognized and appreciated being served. It melted my heart that he recognized the blessings in being served.

Reflecting on it further, I realized its similar with our expressions of thanks and gratitude to God.

God doesn’t need our gratitude. He’s complete. Our thanks add nothing to His being.

Instead, our gratitude to God helps us. It helps us acknowledge and focus on God’s generosity and the blessings he bestows on us. It reminds us we are loved by our Lord.

And that melts a hardened heart.

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