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Through a different lens

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

Nov. 2, 2022

Growing up, my maternal grandparents lived in Brushton, a tiny village in northern Franklin County. Since they were only about 10 miles from our home in Bombay, my sisters and I spent quite a bit of time at their home.

Though we were young when my grandparents sold their home, I very clearly remember sliding down the stairway railing (grandma referred to it as a “banister” when she was scolding us) in the entryway. I clearly remember sitting on my grandfather’s lap as he’d pretend to sleep and make dramatic snoring noises. I clearly remember playing in the back yard.

In fact, a lot of my memories of that home and property centered in that yard. I remember playing games with my sisters and cousins there. I remember my grandfather growing a garden and berries. I also remember once eating all the berries along with my twin sister.

I remember the yard being large – not as large as the farm property at my other grandparents’ house, but large.

Now, my husband, son and I live just a couple of miles from my grandparents’ old home. Occasionally, I’ll detour down the side road to go by the property. The first time I drove by the home as an adult, something struck me: that yard is tiny.

It’s amazing what time and experience do to perspective. I don’t view things through the lens of a child now.
My experience of that yard jumped into my head as I was praying recently about the fact that my spiritual life feels a bit dry lately.

I remember being a teen and attending Camp Guggenheim, retreats and youth events. I remember having profound experiences of God, experiences that would make me cry or fill me with feelings of love or awe. I sometimes long for those big feelings now.

But I forget that I shouldn’t view my faith through the lens of a teenager.

Raising one now, I’m regularly reminded that every emotion is a big emotion for that age group – nearly every setback feels like the end of the world, nearly every moment of joy feels like the biggest and best moment ever.

I may not feel those big emotions regularly now, but I’m no less loved by my God. I’m just experiencing faith in a different way, in a different time, and not through the lens of a child.

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