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A lesson from musical theater

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

March 23, 2022

He doesn’t love musicals, but he loves his family.

While I’m the kind of person who will randomly start singing when someone says something that makes me think of a song lyric, my husband does not have that habit. He likes music, especially music he grew up with, but he doesn’t think breaking into song and dance is a normal part of life.

Musical theater isn’t exactly his “thing.”

I love theater. I love watching well-produced musicals live. Prior to this year, I had traveled to see shows with my sister, friends, my mother-in-law and Jake, my son.

When our favorite theater in Syracuse announced it’s Broadway lineup for the 2021-22 season, I immediately wanted season tickets. Jake wanted to go to the shows. My in-laws wanted to go to the shows. Adam decided he’d join us for the shows.

He’s joined us for two of the three shows that have been staged so far (we made the third show a girls’ day out). While he said he had a good time at those shows, I’m pretty confident going to shows still isn’t Adam’s favorite pastime.

So why does he go?

Adam believes in creating memories and living experiences with his family. He’s willing to sacrifice his free time and his money (traveling to Syracuse and attending shows involves cost) out of love.

Of all the things Adam does for our family, attending musical theater may seem like a small thing, but it’s a big thing to me. It’s a testament to his love. Sacrifice is part of love.

I was thinking about Adam’s willingness to subject himself to something he doesn’t enjoy as we drove back from Syracuse after a show Saturday (“Hamilton” was fantastic, by the way). It seemed appropriate for this season of Lent.

In Lent, we focus on prayer, fasting and almsgiving. At least two of those – fasting and almsgiving – are sacrificial. We sacrifice food and funds. Sacrificing isn’t exactly fun or enjoyable.

While those sacrifices can help us spiritually in a variety of ways, we sacrifice to step outside of ourselves and our needs and to move our focus to the Lord. We sacrifice because we love our Lord and want to grow closer to Him.

I sometimes struggle with Lent. I focus on what I’m giving up and not on what I’m gaining, a better relationship with the Lord. A Saturday of musical theater with my husband who dislikes musicals reminded me where to put my focus.

I can dislike sacrifice, but I love the Lord enough to do it.

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