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A flair for the dramatic

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

March 2, 2022

If you haven’t noticed, I can be a bit dramatic sometimes.

Earlier this week, I was in complete Darcy drama mode as I discussed some personal problems with a friend. I was lamenting the fact that I haven’t progressed as much as I hoped in various aspects of my life, including and especially my spiritual life.

“I feel like I should be better than this by now,” I said.

My friend’s response was a complete punch in the gut.

“It seems like you always want to be anywhere other than where you are,” she said. “Is there a reason you can’t just be here and accept that this is part of the process? Have you considered that you might be where you’re supposed to be?”

“Ouch,” was the only word I could muster.

Her comment hurt because she was right, and it was a truth I wasn’t prepared to acknowledge in that moment.
Being where I’m supposed to be hadn’t crossed my mind. It certainly did after my friend said it.

It can be frustrating sometimes when progress isn’t linear. I find that to be especially true as I try to follow God’s call and work with Him to improve and overcome the barriers I construct to separate myself from Him – my sinfulness, my habits, my personality defects.

For a time, I feel like I’m making great progress. I try hard to be open to the strength and grace God makes freely available to me. Then something happens (or nothing happens), and I fall back into my old self-reliance, sinfulness or struggle, and I beat myself up for it.

I feel like I take two steps forward, one step back. Sometimes, I go straight back to the beginning. It can be maddening.

“Have you considered that you might be where you’re supposed to be?”

I believe that God loves me. I believe God wants to help me overcome those barriers and draw me closer to Him.

I sometimes need reminders, though, that He’s doing that in His way and on His time. I need reminders that I learn and grow through these setbacks and struggles. I need reminders that I might be where I’m supposed to be.

Luckily, God always gives me what I need, and He puts me where I need to be.

And God knows I sometimes need the lessons to be dramatic, too.

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