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Forging relationships on the road

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

March 9, 2022

Our friendship was forged in the front seats of my Jeep.

Several years ago, a woman I met volunteering at a food distribution run by a group affiliated with her parish invited me to join her for a retreat. She wanted to attend with someone she knew.

The funny part: We really didn’t know each other at all at that point. Our only conversations had been brief interactions while we stuffed bags full of grocery items.

We decided we should get to know one another before we went to the retreat together. We scheduled a road trip.

There’s something about being confined in a vehicle that facilitates conversation. Part of it is the desire to fill awkward silences. Part of it is the excitement of sharing a destination.

I’ve since taken a handful of road trips with that woman from food distribution. Whether we were trekking to Ottawa or the Catskills, we’ve filled many car rides with beautiful conversations about our backgrounds, our life experiences and our experiences of God. That woman is now one of my most beloved friends.

My friend and I occasionally get together for dinner, for Adoration or for some other purpose, but road trips will always be my favorite way to spend time with her. It’s when we share the most with one another. We enjoy being “On the Journey Together.”

As a family of faith in the North Country, we’re all journeying together trying to follow our Lord and His path. We have a destination in common as we try to help one another get to heaven for eternal life with our Lord.

But the distances that separate us sometimes make it difficult to see our commonalities and see how we’re journeying together. It’s our goal here at the North Country Catholic to help make those connections by bringing you the stories of how people are living their faith here in the North Country and the happenings of our local Church. Learning about others helps us identify with them and feel connected to them.

To continue journeying together, we need your help. While we have contributing writers spread around the diocese, we don't hit every area. We don't hear every story worth sharing. We count on you, our readers, to let us know when you hear a great story that should be shared.

We also thank you for your continued support of the North Country Catholic. We thank you for joining us on the journey.

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