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The three musketeers/stooges

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

April 6, 2022

I’d like to think we were like the musketeers – companions for numerous adventures and journeys, but I think it would also be fair to say we were also a bit like the three stooges.

I don’t remember exactly how we came to be our group of three, but I know it happened when Jared, Allison and I were in our early teens. While we spent a lot of time together in various capacities, many of my best memories with the two of them related to our shared faith. We participated in youth ministry events together. We volunteered together for church functions. We’d take on spiritual challenges together (I remember once doing a lengthy, strict fast with the two of them, and we ended the fast by feasting together on so much junk food that we nearly made ourselves sick. That was the same night the parent in charge of us seemed ready to call for a search party when we were a few minutes late because we were praying together at the local church. She yelled at all three of us like we were all her children). We’d talk about our spiritual struggles with one another. We’d pray together.

As we graduated from high school, all attending colleges in different areas, we grew apart a bit. We weren’t as involved in or aware of each other’s day-to-day lives. The chasm between us grew even wider as we all entered the parts of our lives that revolved around growing our families and careers.

Though we don’t talk as often as any of us would like, every time we talk, Jared, Allison and I pick up where we left off. Just this week, I had a beautiful conversation with one of them about how God is working in our lives.

I thought about Jared and Allison as I thought about the value of Catholic education this week. As a child, it’s transformative to have a community of peers and adult role models who share your faith and values and help you grow in them. God can use those relationships to transform and support us throughout our lives.

Catholic schools foster such friendships. They create an environment where youth can develop relationships with our Lord and with other people who also love him. Those are relationships that last more than a lifetime.

As we move toward the end of another school year, I pray for our Catholic schools as they work to educate our youth in both academics and our faith.

And I sincerely pray that all our youth find their group of musketeers/stooges who will grow in life and in faith with them.

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