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Moving past the fear

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

July 20, 2022

Just a few years removed from a total hip replacement, I didn’t know I could “hit the deck” like that.

What caused me to hurl my body to the floor with reckless abandon? There was a bat in my house, and it was flying toward me.

I am terrified of bats. That’s actually an oversimplification. I’m 100 percent ok with bats when they’re outside eating insects (something else I don’t love). When there’s a bat in my home, however, I am not ok.

Our house was built in the late 1800s. While it’s had a number of upgrades over the years, it’s not perfect, and there are gaps and spaces that allow creatures like bats, rodents and insects to access our living area on occasion.

My wonderful husband has no problem removing rodents and insects on my behalf, but even he has a healthy amount of apprehension about dealing with bats.

Despite his reservations, and likely at least a bit of fear, my husband securely netted the offending flying creature and removed it – completely unharmed – from our house (I’m pretty sure the bat escaped with fewer injuries than I did; while my hip was fine from my encounter with the floor, my elbow was bruised for a few days). Despite his reservations and fear, my husband stepped up and did what needed to be done.

I thought of Adam’s bat heroics as I attended the Celebration of the Body of Christ on July 10.

The individuals honored at that celebration serve in a variety of ministries. Some of the honorees are catechists, some serve the disadvantaged among us, some participate in organized ministries, and some serve their communities as foster parents, volunteers, firefighters and emergency medical responders. All of them love the Lord and seek to serve him and bring his love to their neighbors.

And while 33 people were honored, they’re not even close to the only ones undertaking such activities. There are many, many individuals in our diocese who serve the Lord and their neighbors in various ways.

It can be scary following the Lord’s call, especially in this culture that tells us to serve ourselves and our own wills. Those who serve do what needs to be done, relying on the Lord for their strength, regardless of their fears and apprehensions. They help us. They inspire us.

Congratulations to the honorees, and thank you to all who serve their families, parishes, communities, diocese and Church in response to the Lord’s call.

While some of us hit the deck, you’re lifting us up.

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