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Through XYZ and ABC

By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

August 30, 2023

“Life should slow down, and I should have more free time after (X, Y and Z).”

I’ve said it. I’ve said it a lot, in fact.

But we all know how it goes. After X, Y, and Z comes A,B and C, more commitments, life issues, medical appointments/procedures, projects to work on…. It’s just this time of life, I think.

On Friday morning, the day I file the NCC pages to be printed or “put the paper to bed” in newspaper speak, I was playing the last couple of weeks over in my head trying to see where God was working in my life as I tried to write this column.

The last handful of weeks have been super busy – working on projects, dealing with life, family and health issues, traveling, preparing to send my son back to school… As I looked through all that trying to find where God was working in my life, it occurred to me: I haven’t made very much time and space for God lately.

After I realized it, I saw even more evidence confirming it. I certainly didn’t have God’s peace in my heart in that moment.

I took a pause for a few minutes. I tried to pray to God that He’d help me surrender some of my worries, my stress and my commitments to Him, but I struggled to pray that genuinely. I don’t like surrendering. So, I asked to God make me the kind of person who actually wants to surrender. It’s the best I can do right now.

And I was reminded that I need to focus again on building even tiny pauses into my day; times to just be with God for a couple of minutes.

Even when life doesn’t slow down, maybe especially when life feels crazy and chaotic, I’m called to slow down, if even for a minute or two, to find free time and freedom in our Lord.

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