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By Darcy L. Fargo

Darcy Fargo

5-15-24: Looking for love in all the right places

5-8-24: What a relief!

5-1-24: It's amazing!

4-24-24: God gave me a second chance

4-17-24: It wasn’t just a Tuesday

4-3-24: As described

3-27-24: I wasn’t looking at it that way

3-20-24: What did you expect?

3-13-24: I’m not quite there yet

3-6-24: I’ve heard it all before

2-28-24: I’m not that kind of person

2-21-24: We’re doing it together

2-14-24: If you lead...

2-7-24: And the stars aligned

1-31-24: The start of the ‘journey’

1-24-24: ‘A beautiful gut punch’

1-17-24: Celebrate it 'like a birthday'

1-10-24: No wasted gifts


12-27-23: 'More and more graces and beauty'

12-20-23: The struggles are why I celebrate

12-13-23: Seeing ‘many hats’

12-6-23: He’s not done with me yet

11-22-23: There's always something

11-15-23: Found on Facebook Marketplace

11-8-23: ‘Open to where God calls me’

11-1-23: Where's this going?

10-25-23: Yes, it means everyone

10-18-23: It means something different

10-11-23: No fair-weather fans

10-4-23: Breaking the bad

9-27-23: They’re part of our family

9-20-23: We have the best news

9-13-23: ‘Me and Jesus are tight’

8-30-23: Through XYZ and ABC

8-16-23: We had a moment

8-2-23: Quiet blessings

7-26-23: It’s always changing

7-19-23: Weather or not

7-5-23: I have questions

6-21-23: Don't drop it!

6-14-23: Asking the same question

6-7-23: A typical moment

5-31-23: Struck by the beauty

5-24-23: 'I'm glad it stuck'

5-17-23: Invasion of the ‘pod people’

5-10-23: When worlds collide

5-3-23: He fills the gaps

4-26-23: It was the same, but different

4-19-23: On my heart, in my head

4-12-23: Change is in the air

4-5-23: Getting past the barriers

3-29-23: It’s making headlines

3-22-23: The streak was broken

3-15-23: It's that season

3-8-23: Not the expected answer

3-1-23: Close to the Lord, each other

2-22-23: It shouldn’t make us miserable

2-15-23: My ‘new strategy’

2-8-23: Given a complement

2-1-23: Meeting them where they are

1-25-23: Then God gave me a reminder...

1-11-23: What's in a nickname?

1-4-23: My favorite gift of the season


12-21-22: I can’t answer that question

12-14-22: That’s not what I meant

12-7-22: I needed that. I think we all did.

11-23-22: ‘Exactly what you should be doing’

11-16-22: ‘Write about Jesus’

11-9-22: Without any hesitation

11-2-22: Through a different lens

10-26-22:It boggles my mind

10-19-22: There’s a reason for the tears

10-12-22: ‘He’s massive! He’s so cool’

10-5-22: ‘Not at all what I was expecting’

9-28-22: Don’t just take it from me

9-21-22: It stuck with me

9-14-22: I’m awful at playing God

9-7-22: A souvenir from a place I’ve never been

8-31-22: I’m trying to stop the fighting

8-17-22: It was a banner day

8-3-22: Bridges between past, present and future

7-20-22: Moving past the fear

7-6-22: I’ll try to do it

6-29-22: He’s changed me

6-22-22: An interesting mix

6-15-22: Speaking my language

6-8-22: ‘You can really talk!’

6-1-22: Making the ordinary extraordinary

5-25-22: Punctuation matters

5-18-22: Addressing a tough question

5-11-22: Laughter at the wrong moment

5-4-22: Experiencing a ‘glow up’

4-20-22: ‘Chilling’ with Jesus

4-13-22: Lessons from ‘Leon the Lobster’

4-6-22: The three musketeers/stooges

3-30-22: Not a #BadCatholic

3-23-22: A lesson from musical theater

3-16-22: ‘Can’t cut it out’

3-9-22: Forging relationships on the road

3-2-22: A flair for the dramatic

2-23-22: It's about time

2-16-22: God’s plan is better than mine

2-9-22: Thankful for the ‘memories’

2-2-22: ‘I can’t make the pivot’

1-26-22: The same but different

1-19-22: ‘You’re missing a chance’

1-12-22: There’s nothing ordinary about it

1-5-22: I’m working on... resting


12-22-21: Feeling the Christmas spirit

12-15-21: ‘New Jesus Bobbleheads’

12-8-21: Off the ‘wall of weird’

12-1-21: Lessons in loving our enemies

11-24-21: Thankful for gray kitties, gray areas

11-10-21: It doesn’t make much sense

11-3-21: He gives us the gifts we need

10-27-21: It makes me think of my grandma

10-20-21: I told him not to tell anyone

10-13-21: Regular topic, new question

10-6-21: I've been called by a new name

9-29-21: He brought Jesus to me

9-22-21: Something you don’t hear every day

9-15-21: Linked as a family of faith

9-8-21: ‘It’s ok to fall apart sometimes’

9-1-21: A lot of uncertainty

8-25-21: Is it a healthy relationship?

8-11-21: Peer pressure! Peer pressure!

7-28-21: My husband was right again

7-14-21: It’s in the little things

6-30-21: The inspiration of an ugly sweater

6-23-21: The journey is important, too

6-16-21: Those times you burn the biscuits

6-9-21: Keeping the change

6-2-21: Taking the leap of trust and faith

5-26-21: A kind and outstanding priest

5-19-21: ‘We’re all sort of bananas’

5-12-21: I wasn’t sure I liked him at first

5-5-21: I let its presence consume me

4-28-21: It no longer feels like penance

4-21-21: ‘Far better than worse’

3-31-21: What a difference a year makes

3-24-21: Living with the filth

3-17-21: Training with ‘Church Yodas’

3-10-21: 'Awwwww! That's so cute'

3-3-21: Alexis’ magical muffins

2-24-21: He's like family

2-17-21: But I don’t know his name

2-10-21: We can all be caterpillars

2-3-21: I’m in the cat season

1-27-21: It melts a hardened heart

1-20-21: More often than I’d like to admit

1-13-21: ‘I can’t believe I just did that’

1-6-21: ‘But it was a good one’


12-23-20: An unexpected gift

12-16-20: He's given me a parts car

12-9-20: The truth may challenge my ideas

11-25-20: We can still be thankful

11-18-20: I have no control over this

11-11-20: It keeps me accountable

11-4-20: He reaches us where we are

10-28-20: These can be difficult teachings

10-21-20: Even if it feels like work

10-14-20: It’s the thief of joy

10-7-20: I thought I’d never tell this story

9-30-20: I’m thankful for ‘the now’

9-23-20: Serving through the struggles

9-16-20: Staying focused on the destination

9-9-20: I carry it with me nearly everywhere

9-2-20: School concerns sure have changed

8-26-20: 'Confession of a crazy Catholic'

8-12-20:Working through our unworthiness

7-29-20: I’m trying to ‘stop doing that’

7-15-20: Loving through the bite marks

7-1-20: Dropping 'truth bombs'

6-24-20: ‘I like my comfort zone’

6-17-20: ‘But Jesus was there’

6-10-20: He sees beauty where I see refuse

6-3-20: Finding ways to connect

5-27-20: I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole

5-20-20: ‘It was the best of times...’

5-13-20: It doesn't seem possible

5-6-20: We're a family at war

4-29-20: Experiencing unconditional love

4-22-20: I have a lot to look forward to

4-15-20: Seeing the beauty, not the stumbles

4-8-20: Inspired to be North Country creative

4-1-20: There is humor, joy to be found

3-25-20: ‘You’re bitter? Don’t be’

3-18-20: ‘I gave credit to my Jeep, not Jesus’

3-11-20:It was both awful and awesome

3-4-20: Connecting though our stories

2-26-20: May we all be ‘ready to edit’

2-19-20: Going behind the walls

2-12-20: Be careful praying for humility

2-5-20: “That’s God’s country”

1-29-20: It sounds like a family to me

1-22-20: Because I'm not very good at praying

1-15-20: Route 11 gives me road rage

1-8-20: It’s always felt like my spiritual home


12-25-19: More guts than brains

12-18-19: Physical activity makes me cry

12-11-19: A gift that leaves us speechless

12-4-19: I’m waiting rather impatiently

11-27-19: We put the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional’

11-20-19: When a struggle becomes a blessing

11-13-19: It sweeps me off my feet

11-6-19: Living up to his name

10-30-19: I hoped to erase it from my brain

10-16-19: Happy hour is my mission territory

10-9-19: The hardest part about being Catholic

10-2-19: Finding joy in moments of mischief

9-25-19: Honor and thank our priests

9-18-19: He knew I needed a community

9-11-19: Because it’s deeply personal

9-4-19: The similarities between God, crickets

8-28-19: ‘Father Ray’s altar server army’

8-14-19: Forging connections while 'talking trash'

7-31-19: I'll aim for 'smother of the year'

7-17-19: 'You're doing it. Worthy or not'

7-3-19: The impact of an outstanding teacher

6-19-19: I get that from my father

6-5-19: It's changed everything, even a tire

5-29-19: Father Bill says...

5-22-19: He seems pretty pastoral to me

5-15-19: It was a beautiful day at the ballpark

5-8-19: An hour with Jesus and a mouse

5-1-19: 'I didn't even know who I was'

4-24-19: Season redeemed in the homestretch

4-17-19: Finding joy, humor in serious times

4-10-19: God has a great sense of humor

4-3-19: It gave him more than just funny stories

3-27-19: Yes, you're wearing that pink shirt

3-20-19: Truth sometimes requires context

3-13-19: Let me tell you a story...

3-6-19: The dreaded red marker

2-27-19: A few steps outside my comfort zone

2-20-19: Same story, different conclusions

2-13-19: 'Write me a lead that doesn't stink'

2-6-19: An encounter with a famous rodent

1-30-19: It's about educating the whole person

1-23-19: It's brave to stand against a culture

1-16-19: Let's be more lke the 'Massena ladies'

1-9-19: Why say it like everyone else?


12-26-18: 'The lambs are going rogue'

12-19-18: 'I'm not very good at Christian love'

12-12-18: Expressing love through elf insanity

12-5-18: That sister had a mean football tackle

11-28-18: Finding love in a flying Christmas Pig

11-21-18: Thankful I'm where I''m supposed to be

11-14-18: He is found even in the cold

11-7-18: Let me tell you a Chuck Kelly story

10-31-18: We truly appreciate our priests

10-10-18: Respecting life in all its stages

10-3-18: My vocation and 'St. Adam of Moira'

9-26-18: It's a good time to thank the good priests

9-19-18: Sharing joy, love over plastic skeletons

9-12-18: Lessons from the 'unruly child section'

9-5-18: A painful lesson in setting aside pride

8-29-18: What's a little flapping between friends?

8-15-18: Finding a moment of faith in chaos

8-1-18: Finding grace in unexpected places

7-18-18: Embracing life and its unexpected twists

7-4-18: Making the journey of faith together

6-20-18: Living faith publicly in a secular society

6-6-18: Excited, blessed to begin new career

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